Faye Ellaby is one of our ultimate Saturday Muses', she is our founders baby sister after all! Faye knows a thing or two about styling and has become somewhat of a connoisseur at "stay at home" styling, so we sat down for a cuppa, green tea for Faye and over FaceTime of course, to chat with Faye about her style, Christmas and of course the brand new Saturday collection that Faye has styled up to perfection at home. 

Lilac Margot Dagger Collar Polo Top £45 paired with Glitter Saturday Motif T-Shirt £35

- Fave piece from the new collection & why?
Oooh tough one! I’m obsessed with the Maggie & Misty high neck tops, but the lilac Margot speaks to my SOUL - yellow doesn’t suit me so I’m really happy there’s some new colours!
- Styling tips for Christmas party wear “stay at home” style
I’m all about wearing sequins with my slippers - extra but cosy!

-Fave Christmas song- story to go with it?
Must Be Santa by Bob Dylan is one of my faves because it reminds me of running errands with my Dad on Christmas Eve, & him turning the volume up, opening the windows of his van, & singing it to everyone walking past!
- Fave Christmas tradition?
Staying at my Mum & Dads & getting new pjs on Christmas Eve, my Dad waking us up at the crack of dawn & putting every new piece of clothing on immediately!

- Fave part of Christmas dinner
Pigs in blankets!! & the cheese board afterwards, give me all the camembert!

- What’ve you asked Santa for this year?
I’ve been absolutely useless with presents this year - I’d really like some new slippers, does that make me sound really old & uncool?

- What will you miss the most about a “normal” Christmas?
I’ve got a very big extended family, so not seeing everyone at some point during the festive period is gonna be really weird!

- Who inspires you with their festive seasonal style?
My Nan - she always looks impeccable on Christmas day; accessorised to the heavens! I’m also obsessed with Jessie Bush from WeThePeopleStyle, I love that one day she’s in sequins, & in a tracksuit the next!
- What would you LOVE to see next from Saturday?
I’m a big dress fan, so I’d bloody love to see some Saturday dresses, but other than that just more of the same fun FABULOUSNESS!
- Who would you LOVE to see rocking Saturday?
I’d love to see my no1 hun Hayley Williams in some Saturday goodness!