Responsibility At Saturday By Megan Ellaby.

At Saturday By Megan Ellaby, we’re as passionate about the planet, as we are about fashion, however we know that sustainability and fashion don’t always go hand in hand. Therefore, we’re committed to being as responsible as possible, and continually working to make a positive contribution to the world. Here are just a few things we’re working on, or have already implemented, to reduce our impact:

 - We keep our collection launches super limited, to just a few per year, which keeps our transport emissions to a minimum. We also only buy a small amount of each piece; this means the styles are more exclusive, so you won’t see everyone else wearing it, but more importantly, it helps keep our waste to a minimum.

- The majority of Saturday By Megan Ellaby knitwear is made in the finest, ethically sourced, Italian merino wool; we choose merino as it’s long lasting, super soft, and amazing quality, so your jumpers last. We've recently launched our first vegan jumper, made from 100% cotton, and are hoping to expand this offering in the near future.

- Our t-shirts are made from fair-trade, BCI standard cotton. We've also recently started to use recycled polyester, and will continue to use this fibre where we can, to ensure we're minimising our impact on the planet as much as possible.

- Customer's that have shopped with us since we launched in 2018 will remember our original packaging; the bright yellow clam printed polybags. They were absolutely epic, but not so epic for the environment. Once we'd ran out of these, we switched to our current packaging, which is made from paper and is 100% recyclable!

- Transparency, fair wages, and excellent working conditions are at the top of our list when we bring on a new supplier. All of our manufacturer's are registered with SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), and regularly audited independently, as part of the BSCI initiative, as well as by our team. This means we can ensure that all of our top expectations, listed above, are exceeded.

Listed below are some of the key certificates which our manufacturer's holds:

- ISO 9001 is a quality management certification, which helps our supplier minimise how their operations negatively affect the environment, and comply with laws, regulations and other environmentally charged requirements.

- Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is one of the world’s best known labels for textiles which are tested for harmful substances, and stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

- BSCI registered. BSCI is an initiative for businesses committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. Their are 11 principles in the BSCI Code of Conduct which include: no discrimination, fair working hours, no child labour and protection of the environment.


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